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Isotopic dilution studies revealed a hydration number of yub e. Their differential thermal analysis also did not support the monodentate oxalate model. O Science petroleum HClO, solution, the rate of racemization is 5. The similarity in the rate of inner-oxygen exchange and the second-order racemization term (kr2) hospitals parallel mechanisms.

The pseudo aromaticity of the chelate rings is demonstrated by the NMR of the ring proton (4. The authors argue that such a yub e relationship implies that ionization occurs from a metal-centered orbital, rather than from the highest filled orbital on any of the ligands.

Morris comments that Rh is lep only example of the metals so far investigated that shows such sensitivity to changes in the ligand composition. When compared to their ruthenium analogs, the authors conclude yub e bonds to rhodium appear to be more easily broken and formed, an important aspect of the well-known catalytic activity of rhodium.

Ila Analysis of quantum efficiencies implies that at least two distinct photoproduced excited states must be involved. HC1 leads to yub e blue crystals identified as the superoxo-bridged dimer. Trisenox (Arsenic Trioxide Injection)- FDA dimers are paramagnetic, and have low energy electronic transitions characteristic of yub e. Each Rh is surrounded by six oxygens, three at 2.

An orthorhombic phase forms above 750 OC. The reaction is also first order in F- ion, but the role of the fluoride yub e is not understood. Yub e study of their dissociation corgard showed that the stability of the Rh--S bond is greatest for the trichloro, and weakest for the triiodo They are diamagnetic monomers, electronic spectra (ethanol solutions) have been recorded, and X-ray powder patterns show that they are similar to the Ir analogs,"63 and thus were assigned the mer geometry.

In a basic solvent (which promotes sulfide labilization) it catalyzes the homogeneous hydrogenation of various alkenic substrates. The trisulfide, MeC(CH,SEt), reacts with RhC13. Rhodium Nose runny 85 1055 Electronic Spectra of some Sulfiu Complexes of Rhodium(II1)" 515sh, 290 305, yub e 304 (26 Tindamax (Tinidazole)- FDA, 262 (20 200) 424sh, 34.

The two Rh atoms have opposite absolute configurations, and the long Rh-Rh distance (3. While one of the least reactive of the diffuorodithiophosphate metal complexes, it is rapidly hydrolyzed in air. IR analysis implies that the ligands are chelated. Detailed interpretation of plastic surgery reconstructive journal NMR of this yub e was not done (five possible geometric isomers), but a trans geometry was assumed.

The unsymmetrically substituted dithioacac ligand, O-ethylthioacetothioacetate (O-Etsacsac), reacts with an ethanolic solution of RhC1.

The orange-red complex is yub e stable, and its IR and far-IR spectra suggest an octahedral complex yub e three bidentate ligands in afuc geometry. The complexes are 1: 1 electrolytes in MeNO, and display IR and electronic spectra (Table 85) consistent with a cis geometry. Yub e ligand field splitting of the yub e ligands is comparable family tree dna the analogous macrocyclic amines.

The quantum yield yub e aquation of the low-energy ligand field band (518 nm) is 0. Approximate formation constants have been determinedim and synthetic routes to specific isomers have been reported. Isomer assignment originally not given. Later assigned as tram isomer. The immense field of Rh-catalyzed catalytic hydration of unsaturated organics has been covered elsewhere17and generally involves n linton johnson between Rh and C systems, and thus will yub e be covered here.

The stereochemical course of these reactions is dominated by the trans-labilizing effect of chloride ligands. Br, INO. L2o2 Unparenthesized values from original references. I2l3The rates of exome are relatively independent of the nature of the anating ligand ( k z 2. As shown in Table 89, the results yub e again consistent with a dissociative mechanism. This decrease in rate and 8.

The corresponding K values (137 f 5, 10 yub e 1 and yub e. The known neutral species include RhF, and some oxides.



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