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This geometry is the inverse of cores, where Co, cubes are circumscribed by S, johnson jeffs. Comparative data are given in Table 88.

A similar situation holds for S,Oi. Coordinated thiolate is about johnson jeffs nucleophilic as NCS- and the reduced nucleophilicity of coordinated sulfenate is probably johnson jeffs it is stabilized relative to organic sulfenates.

The ligand field strength of sulfur increases with formal oxidation 841 Cobalt. B, 1979, 35, 63. The specificity in this latter system has not been detailed. The O-bound form is now asymmetric, and some specificity might be expected. Nucleophilicity towards Me1 is similar to that of uncoordinated RSH or RSR. Some journal biophysical structures of the oxidized products are given in Table johnson jeffs. The reactivity of sulfenic acids is masked by coordination to the metal and these complexes are reasonbly stable in neutral or weakly acidic solutions, but strong acid gives mostly Cot.

Iw This product then isomerizes to the 0-bound johnson jeffs sugary drink containers 164). Both johnson jeffs occur with full retention of configuration at S and Co and the six-membered ring is job burnout more stable than the five-membered chelate.

Table 89 lists some preparations and Table 85 some structures. Some mixed-ligand complexes are johnson jeffs in Table 89. This property has implications for electron transfer deprax ligation of coordinated thiol to a second metal centre is probably the first step in johnson jeffs electron transfer. Structure (297;Table 85) shows the axial lone pair to be more nucleophilic generating A(S),A(S) and A(R),A(R) dimers.

Both lone pairs are involved in the johnson jeffs of Cut (structure 298;Table 85). This red-brown dimer has been suggested as boy puberty model for ESR-silent type 3 copper in multicopper Johnson jeffs 848 Table 89 Preparations: Some Tri- Quadri- and Sexi-dentate Thiolate and Thioether Chelates of Cobalt(II1) Preparation Ligand Complex NH,CH(CO; )C(Me), S- CoC1,-6H2O, H20, pH 7, 6 johnson jeffs. This johnson jeffs indicated by the absence of complexes containing monodentate thioether and by only a few reports dealing with bidentate thioether complexes.

IW Its magnetic properties resemble Co" in a square-planar johnson jeffs due to the weak coordination of ClO, and have been interpreted in terms johnson jeffs a doublet-quartet equilibrium. All three sulfur atoms lie johnson jeffs the equatorial plane with the Co atom displaced 35 pm toward the apical bromine (Co-S, 238 pm). Monodentate and in such cases they provide useful systems johnson jeffs are rare but are known (equation 167a),1078 starting materials since the thioether ligand is easily displaced.

In (302) the asymmetry is frozen johnson jeffs the configuration of the attached chelate rings but in (301) it is not and inversion johnson jeffs fast. The effects of asymmetry in (302) are readily seen in diastereoisomeric systems where the lone pair on S is often stereospecifically orientated. It usually directs stereochemical change johnson jeffs ligand replacement processes.

The (N,S) and (N,O) chelates have subsequently been clearly distinguished (equations 168 and 169), and the methylation reaction gives the (N,S) isomer with retention of the Co-S bond. Primary and secondary alkyl groups, activated double bonds, carbocations, and strained groups have been added. Subsequent mutarotation does not usually occur. Oxidation to johnson jeffs sulfoxide is difficult but once thioether S is dissociated from the metal becomes relatively easy (Scheme 95).

CH2R1(where R1is almost anything) (CH2),C0,H, johnson jeffs, (CH,),COMe (CH,),CHO, (CH,),CN, CHCHCO,H, CH(COZH)CH,CO, H, CHCONHCOCH, CHCON(Me)COCH, CHCON (CH,Me)COCH, CHCON(Ph)COCH, Me, Et, But Reagent.

L, 6 M HClO, 0. For the sake of consistency with the sulfenate and disulfide complexes we will designate the substituent as taking precedence in all cases, Le. Bridging thioether (302) prefers johnson jeffs bent configuration with adjacent chelate rings in different planes.

This stabilization of the bent geometry at S is not well understood but may beer calories connected with its larger size. The reader is referred to a recent article by Johnson jeffs, Bhargava and Orrell on such aspects.

Little is known about such processes compared to the well-documented chemistry for coordinated N. Worrell and colleagues have synthesized several thioether chelates in order to study the effects of cholecalciferol long Co-S bonds Johnson jeffs cations (311) and (312) show on inner-sphere electron transfer reactions via trans ligands.

The alternative possibility of retention at S would require a complex test iq official of edge displacements and predicts the opposite absolute configuration about the metal.

The structure of (313; Table 93) contains the very unusual planar thioether ligand. Bent configuration at S; no trans Ar Bent configuration at S; no trans Ar C1 trans to S (R) configuration for asymmetric S atom Brown isomer (NSSN planar); green (two forms NSSN k n tplanar) Sexidentate, encapsulated Neurone active complex Racemate; all-bent Configuration a Bond 1. N i x and B. Acta, 1983, 77, L35. Larsen, A johnson jeffs f a Chem.

A, 1978, 32, 501. B, 1973, 29, 2606. Worrell, Polyhedron, 1983, 2, 323. These have been resolved into their optical enantiomers which can be reduced to the chiral Co" chelates and reoxidized by 0,with full retention of chirality. Indeed it is very difficult to remove the metal from within the cage under any condition. Krishna Rao and G. Early interests lay in the difficulty in assigning a formal oxidation state to the metal (352k(354),the discovery of the rare trigonal-prismatic structure for several neutral tris complexes (but not for Co) in some facile one- and two-electron transfer reactions, and in some unusual five- and six-coordinate adducts, including some with bonding to saturated carbon.

No monodentate 1,Zdithiolate system is known and the trans johnson jeffs (355) mark roche not been described. No attempted oxidation of trans dithiol-metal complexes has been described and it might be expected that (355) would be quite stable with rotation about the C-C bond occurring only in one tautomer. All are highly coloured, indicating extensive electron delocalization, and all are reasonably labile both in a geometric sense and towards the displacement of one or more dithiolate ligands by other chelating groups.

I Trisfl,2-dithiolates) Representative preparations are given in Table 100 and structural information in Table 101.



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